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Product Details


  • Made with a patented formula to provide balanced, healthy plant growth.
  • An all natural organic fertilizer.
  • Can be used on: lawns, gardens, shrubs, trees and houseplants.
  • Safe for your children and pets.
  • Safe for the applicator.
  • Safe for the environment.
  • Safe for wildlife.
  • Will not burn your lawn.
  • Can be applied anytime of the year and in any climate.
  • Contains no weed seeds or pathogens.
  • Contains no animal fibers; e.g. bone meal, blood meal, or feather meal.
  • Compatible with any natural products, such as compost or leaf mold.
  • Can be used in conjunction with chemical fertilizers.

ORGAplus® has a positive influence on the soil, creating positive and negative ions, which allows ORGAplus® to bond with the soil. Therefore only a minimal leaching of minerals into the groundwater occurs.

Bottom Line:
ORGAplus® is a safe and responsible way to achieve a beautiful lawn, gorgeous flowers and a bountiful garden while protecting your loved ones and the environment.